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About us

Ioannis Vogiatzakis

Ioannis Vogiatzakis is the principal investigator/scientist behind the creation of the CYROADKILLS. He is Associate Professor of Environmental Conservation at the Open University of Cyprus (OUC). Previously he held posts and developed research and education activities at the Universities of Reading (England), Cagliari (Italy) and Ioannina (Greece). He has been a research associate of the CIHEAM/MAICh and consultant of international organizations UNEP PAP / RAC and UNIDO. He holds a PhD in Physical Geography, MSc in Ecology of Vegetation, postgraduate diploma in Academic Practice from the University of Reading, and a BSc in Forestry from the Institute of Technological Education of Kavala, Greece. His research interests include the biogeography of islands and the Mediterranean mountains, mapping habitats using GIS and remote sensing, ecology and landscape assessment and effective management of protected areas.

Savvas Zotos

Savvas Zotos provided extensive information on the development, operation and scope of the Cyprus Roadkill Observation System. He holds a PhD focused on herpetology and a BSc in Biology from the University of Athens. He has collaborated in the past with BirdLife Cyprus and the Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education as a biologist researcher and educator, while for the period 2009-2014 he was a research associate of the Nature Conservation Unit of Frederick University. From 2014 until today he has been a member of the research team of the Terrestrial Ecosystem Management Lab of OUC. He has participated in dozens of research projects undertaking monitoring, recording and studying elements of the natural environment (of amphibians, reptiles, mammals) in order to improve their conservation measures. His research interests include studying the ecology and behaviour of Cyprus reptiles, wildlife monitoring through innovative remote sensing methods and improving the conservation status of endangered wildlife species through implementing research and management activities.